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For the period beginning June 1, 2016 and ending May 31, 2017

Prepared for: WBTX Radio, LLC

This Report covers the following employment units:

Call Sign: WBTX      Facility ID: 40649       Class of Station: AM

Community of License: Broadway – Timberville, Va           LMA(yes/no): No

Station WBTX did not reach the threshold of 5 Full-Time Employees requiring the Licensee to prepare an Annual Public File EEO Report until May 1, 2017 when a person who had been employed full-time at a station under common control joined the WBTX staff following the sale of the commonly controlled station. Since this 5th full-time employee joined the WBTX staff, the station has not engaged in any hiring, recruitment or outreach activities.

David Eshleman, Manager


May 25, 2017